The biggest obstacle to creating change is usually staring back at us in the mirror. Yep, we hold ourselves back when it comes time to create change. The what if’s, why not’s and could not’s pile up and we find ourselves still stuck where we have been all along. It doesn’t have to be that way and I have a few easy suggestions when we want to create change.

Just Get Up And Go

This is going to sound simplistic and way too easy to actually work. I know, because the first time I read about it, I actually said – there is no way this will work. I tried it anyway. So, just count down – 3…2…1 and make yourself go. Whatever it is, count down and – go. There’s actually a lot of science behind why this works – Mel Robbins book – The 5 Second Rule really goes into that in depth – but the condensed version is that by counting down, you interrupt your thinking patterns and assert control. So you are able to put a stop to second guessing yourself and instead take action. I know it sounds crazy, but try it!

Do The Things

Now that you’ve launched yourself – to the gym, to pour out that bottle, to start writing that book – you need to do the things. We will take writing a book. Apparently, sitting at a desk shuffling notes or reading email is not the same as actually working on writing a book. Not that I have personal experience with that. Taking action can be the hardest part. I’ve created a rule where I dedicate myself for the next hour to just do the things. So if I’m writing a book – I type for an hour – it might be great stuff or it might be garbage, but I’m putting in an hour of work and just doing the things. If you’re not drinking for the next hour – do the things that will keep you from drinking. No one is expecting you to change the world during that one hour, but your accomplishment is simply doing the things for that hour – it’s more than you accomplished prior to starting and that is change you should be proud of. Creating change doesn’t start with the fireworks finale, it’s all of the small steps along the way that get you to the end.

More on How To Create Change

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Focus On The Why

What keeps me going when I am doing the things, is to put my focus on the ‘why’ – the reason behind why I launched in the first place. So if I’m writing a book and my goal is to help even more people to feel comfortable questioning their relationship with alcohol, it makes it easier to write for that hour. Or if I’m reluctant to get out of a warm bed in order to exercise, I remember that my ‘why’ is so I’m healthy and have more energy for my kids. Creating a list of goals is great, but I make it a point to also make a list of why’s under my goals so that my goals, inspiration and motivation can stay aligned while keeping me in line.

How Do You Create Change?

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to creating change in your life and sticking with it? Please share them with me and my team!