NOURISH with Jolene Park – This Naked Mind Live 2019

Jolene Park introduced the concept of Gray Area Drinking. Now she’s bringing her incredible message to This Naked Mind Live!

Tipping Points

Do you know how our societal opinions on smoking changed? The tipping point wasn’t when those in society that were the most addicted to nicotine quit, but when the bulk of society, (the people who had a few cigarettes here and there because it was ‘cool’ and ‘good for you’) quit.

That happened when all sorts of research came to light about the dangers of nicotine.

We are living in an age when all sorts of research is coming to light about the dangers of alcohol.

There are studies coming out about alcohol causing cancer and there being no safe level of alcohol consumption. There are studies coming out about the direct links between mental health and alcohol.

And these studies are being widely shared – they’re becoming common knowledge.

How cool is that?

Jolene Park

And if we accept the premise that societal views will change not when those of us who struggle the most change, but when the bulk of society, the 87% of people who drink but not to levels of ‘rock bottom’ change, then we have to look to one woman who may be doing the most important work of all in changing our overall society’s approach to alcohol.

This woman is Jolene Park.

And with a TED Talk that has over 100,000 views, Jolene introduced the idea of Gray Area Drinking.

This gray area is where things might not be bad enough to classify alcohol as a ‘problem’. In fact, Jolene posits that when a Gray Area Drinker stops drinking, the most common reaction of friends and family is surprise – they don’t understand the change because there was no problem.

And so, when they change, those around them can’t help but wonder:

What about me?
What about alcohol in my life?

Gray Area Drinking

This concept, this idea that there is a gray area – is striking a nerve in our society. It is allowing people who don’t feel they have ‘a problem’ to look at the role of alcohol in their lives.

And with that, when the bulk of society starts to question their relationship with alcohol, that is when the entire society has potential to change.

What you may not know about Jolene is that she is also a functional nutritionist and health coach. Her expertise is in how to nourish, or replenish the brain (through food!) so that the transition from drinking into living is as painless as possible and filled with joy.

I am so excited to announce that Jolene will be speaking at This Naked Mind LIVE 2019!


She will be teaching a masterclass on NOURISH – how to replenish the neurotransmitters and enhance happiness & brain function in a comprehensive and consistent way.

I am so honored to have Jolene on the stage. Mark my words, she will be one of the faces changing society’s entire view of alcohol, and to get to see her speak live is an incredible gift.

If you’ve been on the fence – make it happen!

Join us, learn how to nourish your incredible brain.

And let’s, together, do with alcohol what we did with cigarettes. Let’s put alcohol on the fringes of society where it belongs.

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