Take a look inside Britain’s first alcohol-free off licence

Read about Britain’s first alcohol-free off licence and why This Naked Mind is part of this new movement of living free.

It’s not quite midday, yet I am standing in an off-licence knocking back mulled wine and bubbly. I don’t make a habit of drinking before I’ve even stepped out of the shop. But this is not a normal off-licence and these aren’t normal drinks.

Britain’s First Alcohol-Free Off-Licence

Welcome to Britain’s first alcohol-free off-licence, which opened at the weekend off Regent Street in London. The mulled wine is made of fruit and spices and, no matter how much I drink, I won’t have a hangover. Although, if I planned to slurp this stuff every day my dentist might have something to say about it.

The bubbly is Noughty, a Champagne-style, alcohol-free rosé wine made from Spanish grapes using German technology. It isn’t naughty at all: this is about providing attractive alternatives to drinking for the growing number of Britons who want to cut down or cut out – but don’t want to stick to lime and soda all night.

A Growing Movement

Research by Alcohol Change UK last year found 27 per cent of drinkers wanted to cut down. While Office for National Statistics data published in 2017 showed that, since 2005, the overall amount of alcohol consumed in the UK, the proportion of people drinking, and the amount they were consuming had all fallen, especially among younger generations – although Willoughby says those in midlife and older are increasingly following their example. As Alcohol Change UK points out, alcohol misuse is the biggest risk factor for death, ill health and disability among 15 to 49-year-olds in the UK.

This Naked Mind

There are also signs that we are becoming more accepting of those who don’t wish to drink. Social media accounts such as The Sober Girl Society and This Naked Mind glamorise cutting out alcohol. It’s becoming the norm to cite health goals as a reason for staying sober.

“People are talking about changing their drinking as a positive lifestyle choice,” says Willoughby. Interestingly, she adds that the biggest group of consumers buying alcohol-free drinks are not teetotallers but those who also buy alcohol. This suggests many people simply want a bit of balance.

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