‘I Quit Drinking, Lost 2.7 Stone and Fell in Love with Exercise – I’ve Never Felt Better’

I went teetotal in September 2019. I found a book called This Naked Mind by Annie Grace, which really helped me change my outlook – I’ve not touched a drop since I first opened the book last year. Now I listen to sobriety podcasts daily and am in a few very supportive Facebook groups. I’m definitely not saying I don’t recommend professional help for anyone battling similar issues – I was just fortunate enough to find a way of quitting drinking that worked for me.

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Was I an alcoholic?

I’m still trying to figure that one out. I know alcoholism is a disease that progressively gets worse, and I’d found that was happening to me. One bottle of wine used to be enough, but in those last few months I found myself craving more and more. I wasn’t drinking to be social anymore – I was drinking mostly alone and out of boredom or to forget the stresses of the day.

The first few weeks were hard – especially the weekends.

I would go to bed grumpy at 7pm on a Saturday night because I couldn’t have my wine. I had to avoid social media too. Everyone’s stories of them drinking just made me angry that I couldn’t do the same. But then came that fresh feeling on a Sunday morning – and it was those moments that made it all worth it. From then on, I just had to take it one day at a time.

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