How to Stop Believing you need to be Happy all the Time.

You’ve been sold a lie. In fact, we all have. Somewhere along the line, we were conditioned to believe we’re supposed to be happy all the time. So when life throws the curve balls that inevitably it will, we get uncomfortable.

All these other emotions don’t feel nearly as good as happiness does.

While intense, boredom, grief, anxiety, fear, sadness, and anger don’t release the endorphins we get from happiness.

We don’t crave or seek out more of those emotions the way we do with happiness.

In fact, our response to any emotion other than happiness is to try to numb it or to make it go away. We feel as if these emotions are less valid and less valuable than happiness is.

We’ve been sold a lie

We’ve been led to believe that happiness is the only emotion we should accept and that anything other than feeling good is bad. If we allow ourselves to acknowledge that we are tired, anxious, scared, lonely—anything but happy—we are broken.

So when those other emotions pop up, when we realize there is a threat to our happiness on the horizon, we immediately spring into action to thwart that danger.

All of those other emotions that pop up in life aren’t just valid—they are valuable. They create a full and fulfilling life. Those emotions are what allow us to appreciate when true joy and happiness exist in our lives. They create the colors and stories that shape us into who we are.

We’re not meant to be happy all the time

When we believe the lie that we are meant to be happy all of the time and numb every other emotion—through alcohol, other drugs, or whatever fix we turn to—we lose the opportunity to grow from the experience.


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