One of the most common things I hear (and I was guilty of believing too) is that we’re drinking to relax. We’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that, and getting past it can be difficult. How can you stop and relax without drinking?

relax without drinking

1) Don’t Let It Build Up

One of the biggest mistakes I made was to allow stress to build up all day. By the time I would get home, I had no idea how to unwind before falling asleep and setting the hamster wheel back in motion the next day. Now I’ve learned not to let the pressure build all day. I regularly take a few minutes to relax throughout the day. Desk yoga, a walk outside or a few minutes to read a book goes a long way to releasing that stress.

2) It Was Never The Alcohol

I also learned that it wasn’t the alcohol itself that was relaxing me. I felt relief as I imagined myself drinking the wine. It was the anticipation and the perceived benefit that was relaxing me. Today that can mean a cup of tea, a glass of kombucha, or that chocolate bar I stashed for emergencies. I don’t need alcohol, because my mind knows that a reward still awaits me. That reward has just changed.

3) Fix The Source

The greatest way to relax without drinking, though, is to resolve whatever it is that’s the source of your stress. Sometimes it’s simple – if you’re tired, go to sleep. Hungry? Eat something. For bigger problems, even just taking steps toward a resolution can help alleviate stress. If you hate your job, start brushing up your resume and contact a head hunter. Marriage problems? Find a counselor. Doing something releases endorphins and that reduce stress.

How To Stop and Relax Without Drinking

The trick to relaxing without drinking is finding healthy ways to release those hormones that make you feel good. That will be different for each of us. Some exercise, others bake, and for a few, even quiet activities like knitting or wood working are what allows them to relax without drinking. Once you’ve gotten through a few situations where you are able to relax without drinking, you no longer see it as a cure and can instead recognize that it only added to your stress instead.

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