How To Do Dry January

Dry January – or any reason for taking a break from alcohol – is a great idea. Even if you don’t succeed at it. Trying and failing can be a great eye-opener and a realization that your relationship with alcohol might need to change. If you’re wondering how to do Dry January and be successful – these tips that I shared with Good Morning America can help.

how to do Dry January

1) Team Up

We all need support when making changes. Find your tribe – at work, at home, or even online. You can join an online support group and find others who are sharing the same experiences you are. Don’t forget about The Alcohol Experiment either. I offer daily support via email there.

2) Go Slow

I do find Dry January problematic because it hits at a time when we try to make so many changes. January is when we typically say – this year will be different. We push ourselves to hit the gym, get control of our finances, quit eating out, quit drinking, and on and on. I’m overwhelmed just reading that. I couldn’t imagine doing it all at once! We are successful by being successful. By that, I mean that our motivation comes from small victories. So if you make it through Dry January and are successful, it will be easier to take on another challenge afterward.

3) Stop and Listen

One of the reasons we drink is to forget. We want something to take away all of our problems. We like to think that alcohol can do that, but the truth is – it doesn’t. They are all still there when the alcohol wears off. Instead, try to stop and listen to what our bodies and minds are saying. Is your body saying it needs nourishment? Does your body need a good run to release some endorphins? Does your soul need the fulfillment that can come from volunteering and helping others? Imagine what you could do if you took the time to be present!

How To Do Dry January

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer on how to do Dry January. It’s not a competition – it’s a choice to make yourself a priority. By doing Dry January you want to get to a point where you are comfortable in your relationship with alcohol. Only you will know where that comfort level is – that may mean becoming alcohol-free for life or becoming an occasional drinker.

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