How I Managed to Stop Drinking and Get in the Best Shape of My Life

Entering his thirties overweight and unhappy with his drinking habits, Jay Oza decided to stop drinking as part of his larger fitness goals. With the help of Reddit and family support, he was able to stop drinking and get in the best shape of his life.

My Drinking Habits

I was a pretty normal college kid who drank at parties, but when I graduated into adult life, I didn’t stop drinking. At first it was just drinking on the weekends. Then it crept into drinking more during the week. Even when I didn’t really feel like drinking, I’d do so out of habit. I’d stock beer in the fridge the same way someone would stock milk, eggs, and bread.

I was never in danger of losing my job, but I love my work and have always been good at it. As a perfectionist who expects a lot from myself, I realized that drinking was taking up a lot of time and energy in my life—it kept me from a full eight hours of sleep, which left me groggy and less efficient at work. And it kept me from exercising the way I wanted; I wasn’t bringing everything I had to the gym.

How To Stop Drinking and Get in Shape

I had already started intermittent fasting, and saw some positive results. I wondered how much better I could do by cutting out all the extra calories from alcohol. So intermittent fasting was really the main catalyst that gave me the motivation to quit drinking for good. And I worked quitting into my fitness plan.

A couple of things helped from the beginning. This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life, a book by Annie Grace, really helped me understand the psychology of alcoholism, including how your brain rewards you with dopamine that makes you feel good. That understanding boosted my confidence to quit; I figured I could get my dopamine from working out instead of drinking.

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