Whether you’re looking to get a non-drinker a gift or you’re a newly minted non-drinker used to gifting everyone wine at the holidays, it can be hard to think of meaningful gifts to give people instead. With experience and an army of readers on our side, we’ve compiled the ultimate holiday gift guide for non-drinkers to help you!


Fitness Gift Guide for Non-Drinkers

So many of us were already athletes or embrace the athletic lifestyle after we give up the booze. Fitness-oriented gifts are always a great choice. Here are a few ideas to spark your shopping –

Water bottle – A really great insulated water bottle is always a great gift. Pair it with some powdered flavor packs to make the gift a bit more special.

Headphones or ear buds – Whether it’s to listen to tunes while on a run or to drown out people at the gym – this gift is sure to be useful!

Running Arm Band –  being hands free is essential when exercising. A running arm band with a pocket makes that so much easier.

Fitness Gift Set – Put together a backpack full of fitness gifts that are tailored to the recipient. A yoga mat, some towels, leggings or shorts and a selection of energy bars and such can be such a thoughtful choice!

Drinking Gifts

You can still give beverages as a gift – they just won’t have a proof on the label! People do drink more than just liquor and always enjoy new taste experiences.

Coffee Lovers – Anyone who enjoys coffee loves getting it as a gift. Make sure to include a thermal mug or a mug warming plate to really make the drink special. I also like to throw in some flavored creamers and biscotti!

Tea for Two – If a tea connoisseur is on your list – why not give them a gift certificate to a tea house? It’s such a unique and fun experience!

A Different Kind of Bubbly – Fond of giving something bubbly for a gift? Take your recipient around the world with a selection of craft sodas!

Book Worms

I’m a self admitted book worm and no ultimate gift guide for the non-drinker or just about anyone would be complete for me without suggestions for book related gifts.

This Naked Mind – Introduce friends to what living a Naked Life can be like. They can start reading This Naked Mind for free today and discover the life for themselves.

The Alcohol Experiment – There’s also The Alcohol Experiment to support participants in a 30-day, booze-free challenge.

Book Basket – One of my favorite ways to gift books is to fill a basket full of books I picked up thrifting along with a cozy blanket, some slippers and an assortment of comfort items just made for curling up with a good book on a rainy day.

Edible Gift Guide for Non-Drinkers

Food – there’s really no greater gift than food. I’m not talking about a popcorn tin or Christmas cookies – we’ve all had those. When you’re gifting food – you need to know the person and their tastes!

Sushi Lovers – Adventurous eaters can’t help but love getting their own sushi making kits. It’s an art that takes practice along with trial and error!

Sweet Gifts – Candy and chocolate lovers can be world travelers when you gift them a basket with sweets from all over the world. Belgian chocolate, spicy sweets from Mexico, or perhaps some candied insects? What can you think up?

A Souper Idea –  Another great idea is to prepare a few different soups in a jar and gifting those along with a few bread mixes. Soup is an amazing pick-me-up on those days you don’t feel the best and having a few choices in the pantry is even better.

The Best Gifts

The greatest gift to give and receive can’t be found in a store. It’s the gift of time. Your presence. So slip a handmade certificate in a card and gift someone a day together, talking, creating connections and creating lasting memories. That’s truly the ultimate gift.