The Ultimate Holiday Drink Guide For The Non-Drinker

Holiday parties. I love them, yet I hate them. If you’re at one of these parties and you don’t like booze, it often seems like your only choices are water, soda or juice from the kids’ table. You can change that with a little preparation and my holiday drink guide!

holiday drink guide

Speak Up

If you’ll be attending a party thrown by a close friend or family, go ahead and speak your request for some alcohol free drink options. Or offer to bring something for the non-drinkers. I personally love to introduce people to this great chai tea winter “sangria” from Immaeatthat. The flavors in this drink just scream winter holidays and it’s also so pretty to look at. Everyone who tries it has loved it and they don’t miss the alcohol at all!

Gift It

You won’t always know the hosts well enough to make drink suggestions or to feel comfortable bringing an elaborate drink to share like the sangria. That’s when it’s a great idea to gift them with your favorite non-alcoholic drink. Whether that’s an alcohol-free spirit like Fever Tree, ginger beer or maybe a craft soda – the choice is up to you.

The trick is to bring two bottles – one for now and one for later. So you offer the hosts a bottle to open later and pop the other one open at the party so they can sample it first!

Navigating Social Events Alcohol Free

Do you need more than just a holiday drink guide for this journey? Start reading This Naked Mind for free today and get even more great advice.

Also, don’t forget that the The Alcohol Experiment is a completely free option with daily emails and exercises to support participants in a 30-day, booze-free challenge.

Challenge The Bartender

If you’re caught off guard by a lack of alcohol free options at a party and you don’t have a holiday drink guide handy – challenge the bartender. Ask him or her to create a festive, but booze-free drink for you that will leave everyone asking what it is you are drinking! Most bartenders love the opportunity to get creative and stretch their skills beyond the traditional! Let them know your favorite holiday flavors and see what they can dream up!

Research Holiday Drink Guides

Just as you’ve done your research in order to become alcohol free, you can do the same when it comes to crafting your holiday drink guide. There are so many great suggestions out there! Here’s a few I found –

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Serve These Festive Non-Alcoholic Drinks at Your Next Holiday Party

16 Nonalcoholic Holiday Party Drinks

Peruse the lists and create your own holiday drink guide to keep with you. I suggest taking screenshots of your favorites so you can ask the bartender or wait staff to re-create them for you wherever your festivities take you!

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