Healing Takes Time

It’s been a week, a month, or a year and you’re wondering when will you ever feel better. It could be physically, mentally, or emotionally but things just aren’t progressing fast enough for you. Are the changes even worth it if you aren’t seeing the effects you hoped for? Yes, yes they are because healing takes time.

There’s No Magic Formula

I wish I could give you an equation that factors in the amount you drank multiplied by the number of years of drinking and divided by the damage caused resulting in the magic number that will produce your healing. If I could give you that, I’d be the talk of the town.

The truth is – it’s different for all of us. What improvements we see, how long they take, and what damage we saw. It’s also different what we even perceive as benefits. Hence why there isn’t a magic formula that will make you feel better. One of us may be overjoyed that we’re no longer drinking and instead indulging in a few more sweets instead, while another may see that as damaging and lament the extra pounds gained as a result. Healing is about perception which is why healing takes time.

Sometimes You Feel Worse

Often when we’re making changes, we feel worse long before we feel better. Anyone who has ever done a detox for any reason can vouch for that. If you’ve ever started a new workout regimen, you know that you feel much worse long before you start seeing any benefits. It’s even true for things we may consider trivial. I often find myself traveling which really messes with my circadian rhythms and my sleep schedule. I actually feel worse the first few nights I get a full night’s rest before my body adjusts and begins to fall back into a routine. I’m always left wondering how I can feel so much more tired and out of sorts after eight hours of shut eye than I do when scraping by on four hours of sleep. Our bodies are such mystical things!

It’s Not Just A Flesh Wound

I think one of the most significant reasons healing takes time is because we often underestimate just how deeply hurt we’ve been. Most often we aren’t talking about a flesh wound here. It’s not a scrape that barely scratched the surface. Our wounds are much, much deeper than that. In fact, many times as we are healing one area, new hurts come up. We might find that we were using alcohol to self medicate and once we’ve healed from that damage we need to actually deal with the root issue we’d been avoiding in the first place. Whether it is physical, mental, or emotional – the amount of time needed to recover will depend upon the severity of the injury.

Learn Why Healing Takes Time

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It’s Worth The Process

While healing takes time and the process can seem to take much longer than anticipated, it is much better than the alternative. Remember that instead of repairing yourself you could still be stuck in the cycle of inflicting damage. Results might not be instantaneous but you are finally seeing progress. You’re alert, present, and able to appreciate the changes, however slow they may be. Imagine a seed sprouting – much of that process happens below the surface where we don’t see the roots spreading and the shoots sprouting yet if you rush the process, you lose the seed. Be patient and allow time to do it’s work.

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