Dominique was tired of the hangovers. Tired of the pain. She found getting Naked meant being grateful for a sober life.

grateful for a sober life

My Story

I haven’t had a drink in 80 days. I bought your book on the recommendation of someone in a sober support group I am a part of on Facebook. Joined the group on August 23rd 2018 and first posted on September 30th. I would like to share what I wrote.

Coming Clean

“So Sherri inspired me to post my story for the first time since joining in August, telling me to private message her if I need help. That was my realization – that I was afraid to share my problem out of shame.

It is so hard for me to admit I have a problem with drinking, but so easy to justify why it’s okay to drink. “I only drink once in a while.” “It helps me when I’m over stressed.”

But as I type this, I’m sitting on my couch hungover and crying. Alcohol has never been good to me. I’ve driven very drunk (years ago but I’m still so mad at myself). Been raped twice by friends while drinking (something I’m just coming to terms with). I have been sloppy and loud and rude and peed my pants while drinking. But I still can’t seem to completely give it up. I’m on day 32 of being smoke free and thankfully, no one gave in to my drunk pleas for a cigarette last night. I was being so annoying about it. I just don’t know. My birthday is next Friday and I’m afraid I’ll do this all again. It felt like a good time to share. Hopefully if you took the time to read this, it will remind you why you don’t drink. And if you’re still struggling like me – I really hope we can both be sober one day.”

I will never forget the despair I felt when writing that, but now I look back on myself with love and forgiveness. I also look back with immeasurable thankfulness for the people in that group. The kind words and love from strangers was exactly what I needed.

Grateful For A Sober Life

I feel so differently about myself after reading your book and going through life sober. Then, I thought I was weak. I thought that my punishment for being so weak was to never have a drink again. Now I see that it is a gift to never have a drink again. I was coming to that realization on my own, but your writing really put it into perspective. I am grateful for a sober life.

Finding Peace

2018 has been the craziest year of my entire life. It started out so painfully and ended so beautifully. I started therapy in February and worked through childhood traumas like a champ. Taking animal products and processed foods out of my diet I dropped 30 pounds without even trying. I stopped smoking cigarettes after a decade of smoking. The funny part? I still kept drinking through all these beautiful transformations, never once thinking that alcohol was “really” a problem.

Start Reading

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Eye Opener

The last night I drank, I was around an old acquaintance that had stopped drinking over a year ago. The clarity in his eyes was mesmerizing. I remember chugging a beer and saying WOW – how nice it must be to be sober. Realizing then that I had a serious problem. I had become dependent. As I worked through my hangover the next day, I finally decided enough was enough. It was time to give myself a true chance at healing.


These 80 days have been the best 80 days of my life. I have had some truly difficult stuff come up, but instead of running from the problems, I face them head on. Mentally and physically – I have never felt stronger. I giggle more, smile more, love more. Now, I go out around drinking and feel no desire to join. I just love being around my friends. A year ago I was not looking forward to life, a very hard truth to admit at 28. Now I am thrilled for the future come what may. I can’t wait to share all the good feelings I have with the rest of the world. It is going to be a good day.

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