Tis the season! The holiday season is full of cheer and often full of booze. In fact, it’s common to get and give alcohol as gifts. What do you ask for or give when you’ve said sayonara to the booze? This Naked Mind is here to help with great gifts for non-drinkers – whether you’re giving or receiving!

gifts for non-drinkers

Gift Baskets

I’m a huge fan of creating gift baskets that reflect the person. If someone is a movie buff, make them a basket filled with popcorn, theater candy and gift cards to the theater. My tea lovers get a new mug along with an insulated mug for when they are on the go. I also throw in some tea biscuits or shortbread cookies too. My absolute favorite of gifts for non-drinkers is the book basket. I received one shortly after I stopped drinking and it felt like someone finally “got me”. In it was a cozy blanket for wrapping up in while reading, a mug for sipping my beverage of choice, a variety of used and bargain books, along with a gift certificate to purchase a few new books.


When thinking of gifts for non-drinkers, subscription boxes make great gifts too. Sure, you all knew about the wine or beer of the month club, but there are so many options beyond that. How about a new chocolate to try every month? That exists! A mystery yarn box for the knitter in your life, or maybe the latest in running gear? From coffee to razors and everything in between – you can find a box or club that doesn’t involve booze.


Groupons make amazing gifts for non-drinkers and drinkers alike. I personally believe experiences make for the most memorable gifts. What adventure would you like to try or give? There’s a Groupon for that – kayaking, trampoline parks, comedy clubs or that new restaurant you’ve wanted to try. Anything you’d like to try or do is probably on Groupon.

From The Heart

Give a gift from the heart. I’ve heard from quite a few readers that they used to craft custom boozy drinks for their friends and now feel lost on what they can make. Try your hand at making flavored cooking oils or vinegars. Make bread mixes or soups in a jar. A few years ago, I made a stash of freezer meals for busy family members and they still talk about that gift today!

This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment

We all know one of the best gifts for non-drinkers is being able to open up the eyes of others to how great life is alcohol free. Share This Naked Mind or The Alcohol Experiment with them!

Spa Experiences

We wrongfully identify alcohol with indulgence and self care. If you’d really like to indulge a non-drinker, give them a  spa experience. Allow them to relax and recharge in a way that promotes their health. Most spas run specials around the holidays that will allow you to offer them an experience that is priced equally as that bottle of wine you’d usually show up with.

The Gift of Time

The absolute greatest gifts for non-drinkers or anyone in your life is the gift of time spent with you. Set aside a day to spend together catching up and strengthening your relationship. Whatever you choose to do, do it together and remember that your presence in their lives has more value than anything you could ever purchase at a store.

Gifts for Non-Drinkers

Share with me in the comments, your best gifts for non-drinkers or what you’d like to receive this year!