The Sobriety Collective gives you a chance to get to know Annie Grace. I was honored to be featured as one of their profiles!
get to know annie grace


Finding My Way

I knew I needed a way without rules. And in the tunnel that day I had a realization. That although I currently believed that alcohol was vital for enjoyment, relaxation and everything in between I didn’t used to need alcohol to have fun or relax. I formed this simple theory. That I consciously wanted to drink less (or nothing) the far more powerful subconscious part of my mind, the part subject to a lifetime of conditioning around the benefits of drinking, simply hadn’t got the memo.

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The best way to get to know Annie is by reading the book she poured over a year of research into! Start reading the first 40 pages of This Naked Mind for free right now and learn more!

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The Sobriety Collective article features my top 5 tools for recovery and wellness. You can also find all the ways to get connected with me and continue to get to know Annie Grace! Not only that but I want to get to know each and every one of you! I hope you’ll share your story and allow your freedom to inspire others to not only stop drinking bt embrace alcohol free living!