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One of the things I love most is the opportunity to share the word about This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment. That’s why I’m thrilled Nina Del Rio invited me on as a guest for the Get Connected Podcast. I hope you enjoy listening to us discuss living an alcohol free life.
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Get Connected

The Get Connected podcast hosted by Nina Del Rio airs every Monday from 7am-730am courtesy of Lite 106.7 in New York City. Nina covers a myriad of topics on Get Connected and I personally love her commitment to creating social good and empowering her listeners.

This Naked Mind on Get Connected

My interview with Get Connected allowed me to discuss how to create a healthier relationship with alcohol without scare tactics, rules and especially without judgement. We shouldn’t feel scared or intimidated by social stigmas when looking to better ourselves – mentally and physically – by changing our relationship with alcohol. I truly believe the best way to remove that stigma is by continuing to talk about and spread the word on the alcohol free movement. Furthermore, choosing not to drink alcohol should be as natural of a choice and as celebrated as choosing not to use any other drug.

Want to Get Connected with This Naked Mind?

You can get connected with a Naked Life. Start reading the first 40 pages of This Naked Mind for free right now and experience the shift!

How To Start

Join me beyond the book and the podcast. Join The Alcohol Experiment for a free 30 day alcohol free challenge.  You’ll receive daily emails and videos to help guide you through and encourage you to rethink and reshape your relationship with alcohol. What if you DON’T need alcohol to have a good time, relax, let loose, etc? What benefits are there to giving up alcohol? You can find out with The Alcohol Experiment!

Personal Connections

In the end, you also need to get connected with others like you! Luckily the options to do just that are plentiful now! No longer do you need to search out church basements and stale coffee to find fellowship. In person and online – the alcohol free movement is taking off and you can join in.

No Shame, No Judgement

I’m known for saying that alcohol is the only drug you have to justify not taking. Not here. Not with me. No shame. No judgement. I say live your best life aware and unaltered by alcohol or any other substance.


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