From Party Princess to Sober Supporter – Kelly’s Naked Life

Kelly was a self-described party princess for years. Learn how This Naked Mind helped her transform into a staunch sober supporter instead.

sober supporter

The Early Years

My parents were (and are) non-drinkers. The impact was that I wasn’t around it and my exposure to it was very limited (if not nonexistent) until I got to high school. There I started drinking with friends. My only “education” was mainly the message of “don’t do it” which, of course, led me to want to do it more.

Drinking was a way to have fun, loosen up, and be the life of the party. I liked how it made me feel but I always was one who took it to extremes. I didn’t want to stop when I started, and this was the theme throughout my drinking experiences.

A Party Princess

I really started behaving differently and prioritizing partying over other things once I was entirely on my own after college. Often neglect responsibility or show up in a half-assed way for my job, family, or anything because my interests lay with the party scene. I was a bar person and someone who was considered a party princess. The people I started to hang out with deteriorated. My habits grew worse and the amount of time I would spend partying increased. I maintained my job and appearance for the most part. Keeping my extreme partying from my work people. The duplicitous lifestyle (work life and nightlife) was tough to manage.

I got a DUI (the first one) and this should have been a huge wake-up call, but my “circle” was feeding me messages of “Oh this is just what happens. You’ll be fine”. Not a single sober supporter around me. Eventually, my lifestyle became out of control. Chaos ensued. Lots of relationship problems. Trouble maintaining good friendships. Grew distant from my family.

The Rules

Next came the rules. Attempts to control my drinking. Only drinking beer. Only drinking liquor. Not pre-gaming. Lying to myself saying “I’ll only have a couple”. Using cocaine because it helped me feel “less drunk”. Saying I’d only drink on certain nights. None of these worked.

When I got sober in 2019, I was introduced to “quit lit” (mostly on Instagram) and heard so many good things about This Naked Mind. It was one of the first books I read and I was fascinated.

Start Reading

Is it time for you to get curious about some quit lit? You can start right here and right now with This Naked Mind.

Finding Sober Support

The podcast also played a big role because, in the first year, I did a lot of running and would listen to podcasts. This Naked Mind podcast really helped me see that I wasn’t alone and wasn’t the only person feeling the things I felt or who had been through the things I had. That sense of community made such an incredible difference in my life.

Becoming a Sober Supporter

sober supporter

My life now, at almost 3 years sober, is beyond what I could have expected. I am a happy and peaceful single mom, I’m calm, I’m motivated, and I’m driven. I have gone on to create and establish a sober online community for women which is flourishing. It means so much to me to now be able to inspire and bring together other women who want sober lives. I’m excited for what’s to come in this group and for my life in general. I do a lot within the Instagram sober community and work towards educating folx on the harms of booze and also sharing my stories there to help others not feel alone.

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