From Buzz To Buzzkill – Four Things Kids Should Know Before Their First Drink

Have you ever considered just how little you knew about alcohol before your first drink? The things you wish you’d known not just about alcohol but about yourself, life, mindset, emotions, and how the brain works? Have you thought about what your kids have already been exposed to? What they already believe? What you wish they’d know about themselves and their capabilities? I have. That responsibility weighed on me heavily for years. And it ultimately led me to write the book I may be proudest of – Buzz to BuzzkillHow Alcohol and Dopamine Hack Your Brain.

buzz to buzzkill

Knowledge Influences Everything

We all know that we have this great responsibility to teach children everything they need to know to be successful adults. That doesn’t just mean giving them an academic education. It encompasses so much more – basically how to be human. The life skills, the emotional skills, the conflict management skills. Not to mention coping mechanisms, health information, and practical skills. When we start listing out all the knowledge we’d like them to have; 18 years just does not seem like enough time to make that happen.

And the thing is – our children don’t just learn the lessons we want them to learn. They are gathering messages and knowledge constantly. They consume what we tell them but also everything we don’t say. The things we do, the things society and media tell them. Kids truly are sponges and they soak up so much more than we even realize.

The Hidden Lessons

Now that doesn’t mean that every message our kids get from the world is a negative one. Because I do believe that there still is just so, so much good in this world. Recently, I had an experience that highlighted this. I have three kids and I was out shopping with my daughter who is 5. While we were out, she happened to knock an item off the shelf. Of course, it broke when it hit the floor. You can imagine the feelings and reactions that came about from that happening. She was devastated and in tears. Completely hysterical as we made our way up to the counter to pay for this item.

And at the counter came one of the most unexpected lessons in grace and compassion. This sales clerk could see how upset she was. Rather than chastising her fo her carelessness she showed her grace, love and compassion. She reassured my daughter that mistakes happen. That things are just things and that they will get broken. That our mistakes do not define who we are as a person. If a random stranger could teach my daughter such an important lesson while out shopping – didn’t I have a responsibility to share what I know about alcohol with the children in this world?

My Responsibility to Write Buzz to Buzzkill

The first time I felt the weight of need to teach kids more about alcohol, the world, how we think and how alcohol changes that came in an unlikely place a few years ago. It is what led me to write this book. The book I wish I’d written first but couldn’t have without the knowledge I now possess.

I was at my niece’s 16th birthday party. It was at a skatepark. I happened to have my laptop with me as I was working on a few other things. There were these kids, on the cusp of adulthood, and they were still so free and innocent. Their joy hadn’t been sullied yet by the beliefs that creep in. The ones that lead us to having our first drink.

Right there, the words began pouring out. The words that would become Buzz to Buzzkill. The book that I hope will mean that our children and future have no need for reading books like This Naked Mind or The Alcohol Experiment.

Buzz to Buzzkill: How Alcohol and Dopamine Hack Your Brain

Originally, I wanted to title this book as What I Wish I Would Have Known Before My First Drink. My editor felt that wasn’t the catchiest title for the intended audience. So instead Buzz to Buzzkill: How Alcohol and Dopamine Hack Your Brain was born. What this book is about though is what I wish I would have known before my first drink. Because watching them, so free, so happy, and so pure made me so angry about all the lies we buy into around alcohol.

The Lies We Believe

We get so duped by it. And what if we knew all of this stuff much earlier? Why isn’t there anyone out there shouting this information from the rooftops? Shouldn’t our kids and teens know that alcohol steals our joy? That it is addictive? What if they knew that our very first drink is the beginning of a slide into the pitcher plant?

I knew this book needed to be written but I also knew that it was a tall order. Because I needed to write it using language and messaging that they would connect with. I didn’t know if I was the right person for this job but no one else had stepped up to the plate.

Who Should Read Buzz to Buzzkill: How Alcohol and Dopamine Hack Your Brain

I poured my soul, my research, my passion, and my love into this book. I called upon one of the most talented artists I know to bring my words to life with illustrations. She produced these easy to understand and digest vignettes. Now anyone from the age of 8 or 9 on up to adulthood can relate to and connect with them.

Sometimes taking these incredibly complex ideas and breaking them down into their simplest form is what makes them stick for us. Amazingly, that is actually what we’ve seen happen with some of the adults who were beta-readers of the book!

From Buzz To Buzzkill – Four Things Kids Should Know

Buzz to Buzzkill highlights the four main things kids should know before even considering their first drink. This information is delivered to them in beautiful images and relatable language to learn what they need to know about

1) Bison Hunting & Raspberries
2) Buzz to Buzzkill
3) An Unfair Trade
4) That Slope Is Slippery

Share This

I hope you’ll share this book with the special members of your lives. Those that you’d like to protect from learning the truth about alcohol in the way you and I had to learn it. If you do purchase the book, please make sure to leave a review of your purchase. Those reviews help influence and encourage others who are also struggling with how to best communicate this message to those they love. And if you don’t have someone in your life who could benefit from the book, please let others know that it is available. We never know what someone else is dealing with and this might just be what they need.

Thank You

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this journey with me. I truly have incredible gratitude towards all of you for continuing to support this journey and for pushing me to explore new ways to change the conversation around alcohol.

In case you skip to the bottom like I do — I have a new book out that is perfect for children and adults alike. It’s called Buzz to Buzzkill: How Alcohol and Dopamine Hack Your Brain and it’s all about what I wish I would have known before my first drink. I’d love it if you’d share the book with those in your life that could use it and let others know it’s available. I’d also be so grateful if you would take a moment to leave a 5-star review for the book if it makes an impact on you and your loved ones.