Free to be alcohol-free – choosing to skip the booze

More and more people are choosing to skip the booze. Find out why they feel free to be alcohol-free!

A collection of recent stories about people choosing to skip the booze.

Watch – PROOF: a documentary about drinking

Blackouts, bad hangovers, and even an embarrassing incident with Helen Clark didn’t stop Guyon Espiner from drinking – but two years ago he finally joined those choosing to skip the booze.

Read – Guyon Espiner: ‘Heavy drinking was normal. It was celebrated’

Guyon Espiner can still remember the Steinlager ad campaigns of his youth. Years on, it’s still impossible to escape alcohol marketing.

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Guyon Espiner drinking as a teenager Photo: Supplied

Anna’s story: RNZ listener speaks out against myths about alcohol in advertising

“Booze allegedly lifts us when we’re down, calms us when we’re upset, helps us be upbeat and helps us chill. There are so many myths that need busting around drinking culture” – a text from Anna.

women drinking wine

Photo: Kelsey Chance / Unsplash

Watch – Bad Alcoholics

TV presenter Hayley Holt chats to James Nokise about drinking, dancing, getting sober and staying happy.

The normalisation of drinking alcohol in virtually every setting is unhealthy, says author Lotta Dann.

Lotta Dann
Lotta Dann Photo: CATHERINE CATTANACH 2020

Listen – Telling the truth about booze and life

When Clare Pooley left her advertising job to be an at-home mum, her drinking began to spiral out of control. Nearly five years ago, she quit alcohol and started the Mummy was a Secret Drinker blog that spawned her memoir The Sober Diaries.

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Disrupting the business of booze

All over the world, younger generations are drinking less. Claire Crofton discovers how millennials are disrupting the hospitality and alcohol industries.

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Annie Grace is choosing to skip the booze

Giving up alcohol with awareness

Annie Grace was a social drinker who eventually found herself drinking two bottles of wine a night. She found a way to change her relationship with alcohol, based on awareness rather than abstinence.

Annie Grace

Annie Grace Photo: Supplied

No beers, who cares: learning to live without alcohol

Many people feel peer pressure to drink alcohol and are relieved when someone close to them gives up drinking, says Claire Robbie from the support group No Beers? Who Cares!

Claire Robbie from No Beers Who Cares

Claire Robbie from No Beers Who Cares Photo: Supplied