Fix Your Relationship With Booze

I might not be much of a ‘Mrs. Fix It’, but I can help you fix your relationship with booze. No hammer and nails needed, but there will be demolition involved. You’re going to tear down all of your old beliefs and rebuild them with new ones. Let’s get started!
fix your relationship with booze

Why Should You Fix Your Relationship With Booze

If you’re like many of us, this thought might have crossed your mind a few times – ‘maybe I could cut back on my drinking’. As I told The Telegraph, for me the tipping point was when I sprayed my young children with beer. It was time to take a break from alcohol and take a long hard look at what role I was willing to allow alcohol to play in my life.

How To Fix Your Relationship With Booze

If you want to fix your relationship with booze, start with taking a break. The Alcohol Experiment guides you in how to take a 30-day break from alcohol. During that time you’ll examine your thoughts, beliefs and experiences around alcohol and work through those to determine where you and your relationship with alcohol stand.

No Deprivation

When you want to fix your relationship with booze, you don’t want to spend 30 days feeling deprived and feeling like you’re missing out. This approach has no FOMO attached. Instead you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated each day as you take back control and relieve the decision-making fatigue that plagues most of us daily.

Are You Looking To Fix Your Relationship With Booze?

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You’re In Good Company

So many of us have decided it’s time to change our relationships with booze. Countless communities exist to support others just like you. Be vocal, be bold and let friends and family know about your break. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many others decide to join and support you!




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