Facing stress from the pandemic, thousands re-examine relationship with alcohol

Millions of Americans forced to rethink how they recharge under challenging times. Now the growing movement inspiring followers to put down their drinks and practice sobriety. With the help of Annie Grace thousands have now been able to re-examine their relationship with alcohol.

A View Into Their Lives

In this piece, take a peek into the lives of two followers of Annie Grace’s methodology – Kate Dwyer and Wyatt Paige. Kate and Wyatt are rethinking their relationship with alcohol using Annie’s strategy which includes three main pillars. Rethinking the benefits of alcohol. Eliminating the desire for it so there’s no temptation, so that in turn, without temptation, there’s no addiction.¬†

Re-examining Their Relationship with Alcohol

Originally self-published, Annie’s books have sold over 627,000 copies. She receives an astounding 8,500 emails a month from readers. Kate Dwyer has tried month-long periods without alcohol in the past. But this time she had help, signing up for Annie Grace’s 30-day Live Alcohol Experiment. For Wyatt, it wasn’t until she listened to Annie Grace’s audiobook that it even occurred to her that it was possible to change her behavior, that that was something that she could do without going to alcoholics anonymous or without going to rehab. Re-examining their relationship with alcohol has left both Kate and Wyatt more optimistic than they have been in a very long time.

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