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Annie Grace was recently interviewed by Joey Tork and Jason Harmon from The Grind podcast. The interview was so amazing, that she wanted to share it with the This Naked Mind audience! Joey and Jason discuss with Annie how they came across her book and how it has changed both of their relationships with alcohol. Joey, Jason, and Annie create both an entertaining, yet extremely captivating experience that you won’t want to miss!

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I’m trying to figure out how in the heck you hypnotized me to not drink ever again. It’s the weirdest thing. I do wanna tell you a quick story on how I found out about your book. I went to a thing called Soul Degree and it was actually by a guy named Chris Robbins and it was in Vermont, this was like early June. Anyways, through discussion it’s like a guy’s retreat, it’s awesome. And just at one of the dinner tables he said, we were talking about books that changed our life. And he goes you know what? Everybody’s gotta read This Naked Mind. He goes I got done with that book and for some reason I didn’t wanna have another drink ever again.

Crazy Magic

And I’m like, that’s crazy. Like okay, that’s pretty profound statement. And so anyways, honestly, I don’t know how you do it and that’s why I’m excited for you to share with our listeners. Like I don’t know if there’s some crazy magic in there, but you really do, through that book, I got done with it and I was like, whoa, okay, I am done. So I mean what is it? And you kinda bring it up about the subconscious and stuff in the book and I know Jason, when we were talking last night, he said the same thing. I told him about the book and Jason’s like I gotta read this thing. And then he read it and he’s like, well I’m basically done too. And it’s like how?

Drink Less

Well, I mean it really is at the core the fact that I had this one moment and it was this big epiphany that I consciously just wanted to be drinking less. And I had this theory that my unconscious mind had not gotten the memo, the unconsciously, subconsciously I had all these beliefs that alcohol was key to enjoying life, key to relaxing, key to having sex, key to networking, all this stuff. And so even though I consciously wanted to drink less I just had all these beliefs that were keeping me back from that.

It’s Not Brain Surgery

When I was writing the book I was telling my husband, I was like I feel like I’m trying to do brain surgery. Trying to remove these thoughts and ideas from people and I don’t know if it’s gonna work. To be honest with you, I think there probably is some magic in it, you know in the loosest form of the word because I remember putting it out there in the first two weeks, I gave it to a bunch of my friends and I was like, oh my gosh, what if it doesn’t work? What if people don’t have a change, like what if it doesn’t work? Like what if everything I said isn’t true? And it was probably the most nerve wracking two weeks of my life.

Gone With The Grind

Joey told me hey we’re having Annie Grace on, she wrote a book called This Naked Mind. I thought okay, that’s cool. So I download the book on Audible, and I’m like controlling alcohol? What is this about? This is interesting. I told Joey, yeah I pretty much don’t wanna drink anymore. But, and like we were talking about last night, the pull is different for everybody. You know it is. And alcohol is addictive and it’s gonna pull you back. And it’s how well do you have control of your subconscious mind. Do you have control over the thoughts of it’s 4:00 in the afternoon, I’m tired, my body hurts, I wanna drink. You know like wait a second. Why do I … Wait a second, no I just told myself yesterday I wasn’t gonna drink anymore.

Getting There

This book came to me at a point in my life where it’s probably been a year where I don’t drink a ton. I’ve kinda started to go down the same path that you talked about in the book. It’s not as frowned upon to drink wine as it is to drink some of the other things. So started to drink a little bit more and a little bit more. And then I had a couple days, a couple during the week where I’d drink a bottle of wine just hanging out watching TV. And I’m like, what the hell am I doing? You know you start to question what you’re doing and so it’s really, really, what did we call it, coincidence, fate, whatever, that this book came to me at that time when I actually have really been struggling with it. And it really helped me understand that hey maybe it’s not just me. Maybe it’s actually the drug.


One of the points of the book is – You wanted to be free from the pull. You didn’t wanna have to live the rest of your life sacrificing and not not being able to drink, you’re going to a party and being able, oh man, I’m not gonna drink at this party, I’m probably not gonna have any fun. Or trying to avoid situations where alcohol was present. You wanted to be free from that. Can you dive into that, the philosophy of that? Because that is one of the biggest pieces of the book that really caught me. And I thought, hm, you’re not necessarily, you’re not missing out on anything. It’s more of a mindset shift. Right?

Direct Opposition

I have a one year old daughter, and I’m going somewhere with this. But I have all these colored pens, and I love colored pens. And so she gets ahold of a colored pen and they’re dangerous for a one year old. And as soon as I start to take it from her, she holds on so tightly and she screams and yells and gets really pissed, right. But, if I just distract her with something else, then I can very gently take the pen away. And that’s how our minds work. And so this idea of I’m never gonna drink again, it is in direct opposition of how the human mind works. I do not say I will never have another drink. I say, I can drink whenever I want to and I just haven’t wanted to in four years.

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