EP 88: Reader Question – Social Drinking – How Do I Muster the Willpower Not to Drink?

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We may have absorbed all of the information we need to experience a mindset shift when it comes to our desire to drink, but then we go out with friends and all of that seems to fade away. How are we supposed to get through social interactions where everyone is drinking, without breaking down and having a drink? Annie sheds some amazing insight, based on her own personal experience, into one of the most powerful things we can arm ourselves with in order to help us back up our decision not to drink. She also provides us with some really useful tips for how we can prepare for those social interactions without the fear of giving in to any cravings that might occur.

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Social Drinker

It’s no wonder that when going alcohol free one of the hardest parts can be figuring out how to stop being a social drinker without becoming a social outcast. How can you find the willpower to not drink socially?

Personal Experience

First off, no matter how much advice others give you about how to stop being a social drinker or how to find the willpower to not drink – nothing will be more powerful than personal experience. You can read books, watch videos and converse with other people who have stopped drinking to gain an alternate perspective. It’s vitally important to get a few of your own experiences under your belt.

Willpower To Not Drink

I realized early on that it wasn’t that I needed willpower to not drink. I needed to set realistic expectations of my night. If I was going to stop being a social drinker I needed to know what I expected to face that night.

Before I would go out I’d take a few minutes to just imagine how the night would go-both the good and the bad.


The second thing I would do to help me stop being a social drinker was to make a firm commitment to myself. Not necessarily a forever commitment but a tonight commitment.

Tonight-Going out with my friends- I am not going to drink.


Become really aware. Awareness is important when your’re trying to find the willpower to not drink socially. There’s so much freedom in that decision.

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