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EP 711 Transcript

Do the benefits of quitting alcohol start to wear off as the years go by? Join us on this special “Where Are They Now” episode as Barbara catches up with Haley, four years after her first appearance on the podcast. Barbara shares her journey and the incredible long-term effects of quitting alcohol, like improved mental clarity and deeper connections with loved ones. She even talks about the surprising change her husband made in his life! Tune in for an inspiring and heartfelt conversation that highlights the lasting benefits of an alcohol-free life.

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Highlights of Barbara Shares The Long-Term Effects of Quitting Alcohol

Is quitting alcohol still worth it 4 years down the road? Barbara and Haley have a heartfelt discussion on the subject and they share more on:

  • Long-Term Effects of Quitting Alcohol – Barbara explains to Haley how she has found that quitting alcohol for over four years has brought her profound peace and self-acceptance. She also now experiences better sleep, a consistent state of being present in her life, and improved relationships.
  • How to Stay Centered Without Alcohol – A newfound stability in her life without alcohol. The yo-yo effect from alcohol no longer throws her off. She no longer feels the need to escape or amplify her emotions with wine, instead embracing each day with clarity and presence. 
  • Dealing with Family Pressure to Drink – Barbara navigates family gatherings where drinking is the norm with confidence and ease. Her gentle approach has led her family to respect her choice and even sparked curiosity and change among some members.
  • How Being a Non-Drinker Influences Loved Ones – Barbara’s decision to stop drinking has had a ripple effect on her loved ones. Her husband, who was once a regular drinker, quit alcohol two years ago, inspired by her example. 
  • Creating the Gap – Barbara inspires Haley when she speaks of “creating the gap,” a concept of allowing space for growth and self-discovery. By removing alcohol from her life, she has opened up a gap that has been filled with deeper connections, emotional clarity, and spiritual experiences. 

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Learn More about the long-term effects of quitting alcohol by tuning in to the full podcast episode! Don’t forget to check out Barbara’s original podcast appearance in the links below!

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