EP 710: Reader’s Question – How do I teach my kids about the dangers of alcohol?

EP 710 Transcript

How do I teach my kids about the dangers of alcohol? This is a question Annie Grace gets constantly, and according to her, it might just be the most important question you ask yourself when it comes to alcohol. In this episode of This Naked Mind, Annie shares the best ways to navigate these tricky conversations. Learn how to build trust with your kids, empower them to make healthy choices, and create a safe space where they can talk to you about anything, even if they’ve messed up.

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Highlights of How Do I Teach My Kids About The Dangers of Alcohol?

Teaching our kids about the dangers of alcohol can seem like a fruitless task. After all, they are exposed to it at every turn and drinking seems like a rite of passage. Annie Grace shares how she’s handling the topic in her home including:

  • How do I teach my kids about the dangers of alcohol?: Open communication should be used rather than scare tactics. By being honest and vulnerable about your own experiences, you can create a space for your children to learn from your journey. 
  • How much information to give a child about alcohol?: Tailor information to your child’s age and maturity level. Starting conversations early and gradually increasing the level of detail as they grow allows them to process the information effectively.
  • How to build trust with children?: Creating a safe space where your children know they can tell you anything without judgment fosters open communication and builds trust. This sense of security encourages them to come to you with questions and concerns, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like alcohol use.
  • Show, Don’t Tell: The Power of Modeling: Our children are constantly watching and mimicking our behavior.  The most effective way to teach them about alcohol is to model healthy habits ourselves.

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