EP 709: Naked Life Story – Maryanne P.

EP 709 Transcript

What do you know about the effects of red wine on health? Have you ever wondered how much of that is true and how much is just what people say? Our guest today, Maryanne, was a yoga-loving, lavender-scented health enthusiast. Yet, every day, she felt conflicted. On one hand, she embraced healthy habits, on the other, she enjoyed a glass (or two, or three) of red wine. Can you relate? Does the supposed health benefits of red wine clash with your desire to feel your best? In this episode, Maryanne shares how her upbringing, parenting, marriage, and even her job all influenced her relationship with alcohol. We’ll explore how fears over her health led Maryanne down a path to alcohol freedom.

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Highlights of Dealing With The Effects of Red Wine on Health

There were many signs that should have been red flags for Maryanne but it wasn’t until she was dealing with the effects of red wine on health that she decided to make a change. She and Annie discuss: 

  • Impact of Irish drinking culture: Maryanne’s Irish heritage influenced her relationship with alcohol. Growing up, family gatherings on her mother’s side were lively and filled with drinking, which she found fun and appealing compared to the quieter Slovaks on her father’s side.
  • Drinking alcohol to cope with stress: Maryanne used alcohol as a way to manage the stress of daily life. Between raising three sons, working full-time, and attending night school, she convinced herself that red wine was necessary to unwind and handle her responsibilities. Soon she was drinking a bottle of wine every night to cope with her demanding schedule.
  • Jesuits romanticizing alcohol use: Working at a Jesuit university, Maryanne encountered a culture that romanticized alcohol, particularly red wine. Professors, who often included wine in their academic and social routines, influenced her to adopt similar habits and beliefs. 
  • Effects of red wine on health: The wake-up call came when Maryanne’s health was notably impacted by her red wine habit. Despite initially believing it to be beneficial, she eventually recognized that her daily consumption led to increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Fearing a stroke she began to reconsider her drinking habits.
  • The struggle with alcohol moderation: Maryanne really wanted to cut back on drinking, but it was hard. She went a whole year without any alcohol, then tried to just have a glass or two of wine. But that didn’t work out – she ended up back at square one, drinking whole bottles again. This showed her that cutting back wasn’t the answer for her, and she needed to find a different way to stop drinking completely.
  • Using This Naked Mind to stop drinking: Maryanne found crucial support and guidance in “This Naked Mind”. The book helped her understand the deeper issues behind her drinking and provided strategies for quitting. Joining The Alcohol Experiment helped her successfully stop drinking.
  • Becoming a mentor and guide for others to find alcohol freedom: Inspired by her own journey and transformation, Maryanne became a mentor in the Alcohol Experiment program. She found fulfillment in supporting others and sharing her story to help them achieve alcohol freedom. Her experience and commitment have made her a coach, a leader, and a source of inspiration for those seeking to live alcohol-free lives.

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