EP 708: Reader’s Question – What are the signs of relapse?

EP 708 Transcript

Ever feel like you’re winning the battle against alcohol, then one slip-up throws everything off track? We’ve all been there – you’re feeling great, making progress with your relationship with alcohol, then one night… bam! You have a drink you weren’t planning on. Now the shame monster is whispering in your ear, telling you you’ve blown it all. But what if there’s a better way to look at this? In this episode, Annie Grace is going to share a powerful concept that can help you reframe those feelings of guilt and turn a potential setback into a learning experience. We’ll also be talking about the sneaky signs of relapse you might miss, and how to bounce back stronger than ever. This episode is all about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and getting back on track with kindness and self-compassion!

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Highlights of What Are The Signs of Relapse?

Slip-ups, data points, or signs of relapse, no matter what we call it, it’s a fear common to all of us in this community. Annie shares how to recognize the signs and what you can do about it including:

  • Signs of relapse – You might be struggling with living alcohol-free if you’re feeling like you’ve ruined all your progress, if you’re having obsessive thoughts about drinking, or you’re noticing increasing negative self-talk, guilt, and shame.
  • Self-compassion after drinking – Self-compassion after a slip-up is so important. Forgive yourself for the mistake. Mistakes are part of being human. Replace shame with self-acceptance
  • Learning from a relapse – Treat the slip-up as a data point. See it as information about your triggers and vulnerabilities. Use this information to develop coping mechanisms

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