EP 707: Naked Life Story – Roberta R.

EP 707 Transcript

Would understanding the psychology of drinking change anything for you?  Roberta lived a life surrounded by alcohol. From her upbringing to her job in the beverage industry, alcohol and the pressure to drink were always there. Even after starting a family, alcohol remained a crutch, leaving her hungover and disconnected from her children. She never imagined that an audiobook would lead to a powerful discovery about the mind’s relationship with alcohol and even lead to her husband also quitting drinking. Tune in to hear Roberta’s story of overcoming addiction, the positive impact it’s had on her family, and how understanding the psychology of drinking can help you take control of your relationship with alcohol!

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Highlights of Understanding the Psychology of Drinking

Understanding the psychology of drinking opened up a world of self-compassion and freedom for Roberta. Annie and Roberta discuss:

  • Addiction in the family – Growing up in a rural community meant drinking was an accepted part of daily life, making it seem normal and unavoidable. Roberta’s own family normalized alcohol consumption at everything from church festivals to farm gatherings. This set the stage for her own struggles with addiction later on.
  • Work encouraging drinking – Roberta worked for a beverage wholesaler where drinking was not just encouraged but expected as part of the job. The company culture celebrated heavy drinking, with jokes about needing to drink to fit in, and regular attendance at alcohol-fueled events. 
  • Understanding the psychology of drinking – Understanding the psychology of drinking played a crucial role in Roberta’s journey to quit alcohol. Listening to “This Naked Mind” by Annie Grace, she learned about addiction as a chemical dependency and began to recognize her own drinking patterns and behaviors
  • Challenges of quitting alcohol after long-term use – Quitting alcohol after years of heavy drinking didn’t come without challenges for Roberta. She struggled with the physical effects of withdrawal, losing friends that turned out to only be drinking buddies, and the fear of disrupting her marriage. 
  • The impact of parental drinking on children – Roberta’s drinking had a noticeable impact on her children, who had a front-row seat to her frequent hangovers and days spent bedridden and sick. This made her question the quality of life she was modeling for her kids. Since quitting alcohol, Roberta’s relationship with her children and ability to enjoy them has done a complete turnaround.
  • Living mindfully and joyfully – Roberta loves living her days without the haze of alcohol, finding joy in simple, alcohol-free activities, and feeling more present in her daily life. 

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