EP 706: Reader’s Question – Healing Emotional Pain Without Alcohol

EP 706 Transcript

Does it feel like every hurt from the past still drives you to drink today? You try to relax, have fun, and fit in, but that glass of wine keeps calling your name, especially when anger or sadness bubble up.  Maybe you’ve even tried therapy, but the pain lingers, and the urge to drink persists.  In this episode, Annie Grace explores the three main reasons we drink, why traditional therapy might not be the answer, and offers a powerful message of hope for  healing emotional pain without alcohol. There’s a way to break free and build a life you love, so listen in!

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Highlights of Healing Emotional Pain Without Alcohol

Drinking to numb emotional pain is so common and one of those coping mechanisms we all seem to revert back to. Healing emotional pain without alcohol is possible and it relies on one huge shift: Annie explains:

  • Three reasons for drinking: Annie outlines the three primary reasons people drink: substance, society, and self. Substance refers to the beliefs about what alcohol does, such as helping to relax or have fun. Society encompasses the fear of not fitting in or losing relationships built around alcohol. Finally, self touches on deeper issues like feeling not good enough or broken, which often drive the urge to drink.
  • Therapy vs coaching: How can coaching help when therapy hasn’t? Annie Grace explains the difference between the two and how the seemingly simple shift from one to the other can make an impactful difference in our emotional lives.
  • Healing emotional pain without alcohol: Healing emotional pain without alcohol isn’t possible until you stop using alcohol as a coping mechanism and teach the brain new and more effective tools it can use. Annie Grace explains how the brain’s neuroplasticity allows for the formation of new, healthier neural pathways

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