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What do commercial fishing and alcohol use have to do with each other? It turns out more than you ever expected! Today’s guest, Colleen, spent years battling waves and hauling in catches, but her story goes way beyond tales of the sea. Colleen grappled with a complicated relationship with alcohol, fueled by the challenges of commercial fishing, personal traumas, the loss of a loved one, and unhealthy eating patterns. Astonishingly in her 60s, Colleen found the courage to confront these issues, embrace self-love, and even embark on a whole new career, all while leaving alcohol behind! Join us as Colleen shares her incredible journey and how The Path helped her find lasting change.

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Highlights of Commercial Fishing and Alcohol Use

So many of us find that our line of work directly contributes to our drinking patterns. Colleen noticed the same thing in her life. She discusses:

  • Commercial fishing and alcohol use: Colleen’s life on the fishing boats was a wild ride. Months spent battling waves and hauling in catches were thrilling, but loneliness crept in too. When they finally docked, the first stop was always the bar. Heavy drinking became a routine, a way to unwind with her crew.
  • Binge eating and emotional coping: In her younger years, Colleen used binge eating as a way to cope with emotional pain. This habit, alongside binge drinking, served as a mechanism to mask her feelings of shame and inadequacy.
  • Overcoming shame from past trauma: It wasn’t until her thirties that Colleen realized the drinking and overeating stemmed from a long-ago trauma. It took even longer to gather the courage to face that shame. But facing it head-on was the key to unlocking self-love and a life without alcohol.
  • Finding happiness within yourself: Colleen discovered that true joy doesn’t come from chasing excitement or validation from others. Traveling the world and constantly socializing never filled that empty space. Instead, she found peace and contentment by learning to love herself and appreciating the simple things in life.
  • Binge drinker vs. alcoholic: Colleen’s experience was with binge drinking – downing a lot of alcohol in a short time, leading to blackouts and risky situations. The tricky part of binge drinking is it can feel like you’re in control because of the long stretches without alcohol.
  • Building self-love: Colleen found that The Path helped her tremendously. It gave her the tools to face her underlying issues and build a healthier relationship with alcohol. It even opened the door to a new career.

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