EP 704: Reader’s Question – What are some tips to stop drinking at home alone?

EP 704 Transcript

Feeling like your home is turning into a happy hour for one? You and thousands of others my friend! Many people struggle with evening drinks at home. But help is here! In this episode of the This Naked Mind podcast, Annie Grace shares two tips to stop drinking at home alone that are total game-changers. Plus, she’ll introduce you to a free tool that can totally shift the way you think about alcohol. Tune in and discover ways to ditch the solo sips and create a new routine that’s booze-free!

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Highlights of Tips to Stop Drinking at Home Alone

Most of the advice we come across when changing our relationship with alcohol has to do with social drinking. But what if drinking at home is your trigger? Annie shares on:

  • Why We Drink: We often use alcohol to numb tough emotions. Annie Grace suggests a different approach. The Alcohol Experiment helps you reframe your thinking about alcohol and approach it with curiosity, not fear. This often reveals your true reasons for drinking.
  • Tips to Stop Drinking at Home Alone: Break the cycle with two key strategies. First, make a firm decision to not drink, even for a short period. This eliminates the constant debate about whether to have a drink or not. Second, create space between yourself and alcohol. 
  • Dealing With the Home Bar: If the alcohol in your home tempts you, it’s okay to get rid of it. Don’t feel pressured to keep it forever. Give it away, store it with a friend, or throw it out. Removing the temptation allows you to explore cravings with curiosity instead of reaching for a drink.

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