EP 7: The power of Not Drinking w. Alcohol Free Hero: Annie Grace

Explore the power of not drinking alcohol with best-selling author (This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment) and change-maker Annie Grace.

The Power of Not Drinking

In this episode, we will explore the power of not drinking alcohol with best-selling author and change-maker Annie Grace. Annie will talk about the three pillars of habit change for those looking to change their drinking or form any new habit. Annie Grace revamped her own relationship with alcohol. She stripped it of its power and changed her beliefs about booze being a reward. Today she helps others across the globe do the same. Her approach helps people where rehabs have not. She’s created a brand new way to look at the role of alcohol in our lives, establishing a safe space for those who question their drinking but haven’t self-diagnosed as alcoholics stuck in denial of an incurable disease.

Compassion-led Change

Annie Grace preaches compassion, knowing its power over shame and blame is the best way to achieve lasting change. And, she offers a proven alternative to the largely ineffective recipe for so-called “success”—the one that says anything less than 100% abstinence is failure. Annie Grace doesn’t teach people how to be sober; she helps them quash their desire to drink in the first place. Listen in to hear about how abstaining from Alcohol can be the best thing you ever did for your life!!! This is a not-to-miss episode!

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