EP 683: Naked Life Story – Karina K.

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Are you questioning your alcohol consumption?  Maybe like Karina, you find yourself wanting to unwind after a tough day, but that one glass turns into a few, leaving you feeling a bit guilty. This week on the podcast, Annie Grace chats with Karina, a woman who grappled with her drinking habits after her son’s Tourette’s diagnosis and her mom’s health struggles.  Join us as Karina explores how tracking her drinks, cultural influences, and even the link between alcohol and anxiety all became turning points in her journey toward a healthier relationship with alcohol.

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Highlights of Questioning Your Alcohol Consumption

Getting curious and beginning to question your alcohol consumption is often the first step in finding freedom from alcohol. Karina and Annie Grace discuss her journey including:

  • Questioning Your Alcohol Consumption: Karina learned that sometimes questioning your alcohol consumption comes from outside sources. A Tourette’s diagnosis for her son along with her mom’s battle with cancer led her to evaluate her drinking.
  • Signs of Unhealthy Drinking Habits: Karina realized she’d overlooked many early signs of an unhealthy dependence on alcohol.  She relied on it to unwind, felt guilty after drinking, and experienced disrupted sleep.
  • Tracking Alcohol Consumption for Better Health:  A turning point came when Karina started tracking her intake. This simple step brought awareness to her drinking patterns and empowered her to make a change.
  • Cultural Influences on Drinking: Growing up in different cultures with varying attitudes towards alcohol shaped Karina’s habits. From early exposure in Peru to Miami’s social drinking scene, these experiences normalized heavy drinking for her.
  • Can Anxiety be Caused by Alcohol?:  Wondering about the connection between her son’s anxiety and her drinking, Karina discovered the cyclical relationship between alcohol and anxiety.
  • Encouragement for Those Struggling: Karina’s journey from questioning her drinking to taking decisive action to change is an inspiration. She is now passionate about helping others find freedom from alcohol.

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