EP 681: Naked Life Story – Susan H.

EP 681 Transcript

Ever feel like a glass of wine is your best friend? Susan did. Growing up in Ireland, pub culture was everywhere, and alcohol seemed like a normal part of life. But when shyness and difficult emotions set in, Susan turned to drinking to cope with depression and anxiety. This Naked Mind host Annie Grace chats with Susan about her journey from cultural norms to questioning everything and ultimately finding a path to feeling better without depending on alcohol. Listen in for Susan’s story of transformation and how you too can find freedom from the grip of alcohol.

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Highlights of Overcoming Drinking To Cope with Depression and Anxiety

Using alcohol to cope with depression and anxiety is more common than we realize. Susan shares her experience including – 

  • Growing Up with Alcohol: Pubs were welcoming spaces in Ireland, and Susan’s family outings often included visits to these social hubs. This environment normalized the idea of alcohol as a harmless, communal activity.
  • Turning to Alcohol for Confidence: As a shy teenager, Susan observed how alcohol seemingly empowered her peers. Her first experience with drinking alone wasn’t pleasant, but it ignited a belief that she needed to learn how to handle alcohol ‘correctly’ to fit in.
  • Drinking to Cope with Depression and Anxiety: College brought personal challenges, including the loss of her father and struggles with mental health. Susan turned to alcohol as a way to self-medicate, attempting to manage her emotions and anxieties while navigating the social scene.
  • The Expat Lifestyle: Moving to Paris in her twenties, Susan embraced the expatriate life, where social gatherings often revolved around drinking. Despite enjoying the camaraderie, she wrestled with unaddressed mental health issues, which she masked with humor and continued reliance on alcohol.
  • Mommy Wine Culture: Becoming a mother introduced new pressures, and Susan found solace in the ‘mommy wine culture’ common among expatriate mothers. She recognized potential problems with her drinking, but the social acceptance of alcohol for coping with parenting stress made change difficult.
  • Breaking Free: Witnessing the negative effects of alcohol on her health and well-being, particularly as a mother, Susan sought help. Finding Annie Grace and a supportive community, she embarked on a journey that transformed her relationship with alcohol and empowered her to help others on a similar path.

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