EP 680: Reader’s Question – Is drinking occasionally ok?

EP 680 Transcript

Is the question of “is drinking occasionally ok” lingering in your mind? You’re not alone. This episode of the This Naked Mind podcast tackles this common concern head-on. Annie Grace sheds light on the blurry line between social drinking and problematic patterns, exploring how our tolerance can shift and how knowledge empowers informed decisions. Tune in to discover the path to a healthier relationship with alcohol, free from fear and filled with self-awareness. Have an alcohol-related question we haven’t answered yet? Let us know so we can feature it in a future episode!

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Highlights of Is Drinking Occasionally Ok?

This journey presents so many questions and areas we may not understand. One common one is wondering – is drinking occasionally ok? Annie addresses this – 

  • Understanding the gray area: Many people start casually but gradually drink more to cope with stress or boredom. This can cause a yo-yo effect on our drinking habits.
  • Tolerance and the path to wanting to cut back: Consistent drinking to cope can lead to needing more alcohol to feel the same effects. This cycle can eventually make individuals realize they want to cut back. Moderation creates its own set of issues.
  • Is drinking occasionally ok?: It’s common to have a desire to return to moderate drinking. Education rather than fear is key to making informed decisions about alcohol consumption.

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