EP 679: Naked Life Story – Hayley S.

EP 679 Transcript

Ever feel trapped by alcohol addiction and shame? Annie’s guest, Hayley, opens up about her journey from social drinker to the painful consequences of relying on alcohol.  Hitting rock bottom forced her to confront a harsh reality, but amidst the self-doubt, Hayley discovered a path to self-acceptance and a life free from the cycle of shame. Tune in as she shares how This Naked Mind and the supportive community there empowered her to break free and reclaim her life.

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Highlights of Life on the Other Side of Alcohol Addiction and Shame

Alcohol addiction and shame often go hand-in-hand. They fuel each other and can make finding freedom difficult. Hayley shares her journey including:

  • Early Encounters and Social Acceptance: Hayley’s introduction to alcohol stemmed from peer pressure and a longing to be accepted. This initial experience ignited a pattern of drinking that continued throughout her high school and college years, fueled by the desire to fit in with her social circle.
  • Struggles with Alcohol Addiction and Shame: As Hayley’s drinking escalated, it began to alter her personality and expose her to risky situations. Shame and a sense of helplessness became constant companions in her struggle with addiction.
  • Turning Point and Embracing Change: Reaching rock bottom served as a wake-up call for Hayley, igniting an overwhelming desire to break free from her addiction. Detoxification marked the initial step in her recovery journey, with the unwavering support of her family playing a crucial role. 
  • Discovering New Tools and Identity: Hayley embarked on a path of self-discovery, embracing the power of mindset shifts. Resources like “This Naked Mind” offered valuable insights into the science behind alcohol dependence, allowing her to reframe negative beliefs and develop a deeper understanding of addiction.
  • Addressing Setbacks and Core Beliefs: Hayley’s experience with a setback after a year of being alcohol-free underscores the importance of addressing underlying beliefs and core issues that contribute to addictive behavior.
  • Building a Fulfilling Life: Overcoming the fear of judgment and the burden of shame allowed Hayley to connect with supportive communities, both online and in-person.  Self-acceptance and a commitment to personal growth became the cornerstones of her journey towards a fulfilling life.

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