EP 678: Reader’s Question – How to Stop Restricting Food while Drinking?

EP 678 Transcript

Feeling the pressure to cut back on calories while enjoying a drink with friends? Many of us struggle with how to stop restricting food while drinking. This week, a listener asks Annie for a game plan to navigate social situations without sacrificing their health goals.  Join us as Annie unveils the surprising culprit behind these unhealthy habits and offers a clear, actionable path to take control.  Learn why focusing on one aspect might be more effective than tackling both at once and discover resources to help you make informed choices (without the guilt!). 

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Highlights of How to Stop Restricting Food While Drinking

Disordered eating habits are common while drinking. Annie shares insight from her journey including:

  • Recognizing Drunkorexia and Self-Compassion: This episode explores “drunkorexia,” a behavior where someone restricts food intake while drinking to avoid gaining weight. Annie shares her own experience and emphasizes the importance of self-compassion. 
  • Prioritizing Addressing Alcohol Consumption: While addressing both food and alcohol intake might seem intuitive, Annie suggests focusing on understanding and managing alcohol consumption first. 
  • Finding Support and Taking Action: Annie recommends resources like “This Naked Mind” and The Alcohol Experiment for knowledge and support. She encourages listeners to engage with these resources and consider taking a break from alcohol if they feel ready. 

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