EP 677: Naked Life Story – Carolin F.

EP 677 Transcript

Have you ever felt trapped in a cycle of using alcohol to cope, only to have it make things worse?  This week on the podcast, Annie Grace chats with Carolin, whose story is a powerful reminder that you can break free.  Carolin’s journey wasn’t easy. From early associations that made drinking seem positive to a toxic relationship that fueled her dependence, alcohol became her go-to for stress relief. But a pivotal moment arrived when Carolin discovered a different approach: using science to stop drinking.  Join us as Carolin dives into the power of The Alcohol Experiment and how understanding the science behind alcohol’s effects became the key to reclaiming her life.

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Highlights of Using Science to Stop Drinking

What do you do when it seems as if you’ve tried everything to change your relationship with alcohol and nothing has worked? Carolin shares her story of using science to stop drinking including:

  • Early Associations: Carolin’s positive early associations with alcohol at family gatherings led her to believe it was connected to celebration and maturity, despite disliking the taste.
  • Stress Relief and Habit: In college, Carolin turned to alcohol to cope with exam stress, unknowingly forming a habit of using it as a crutch in difficult situations.
  • Escape from a Toxic Relationship: Alcohol use escalated during a toxic relationship, becoming a way to numb the pain and escape reality. This experience helped Carolin recognize her drinking was not just social.
  • The Pandemic as an Excuse: The COVID-19 pandemic provided an excuse for continued drinking, despite recognizing its negative effects.
  • Using Science to Stop Drinking: Discovering “The Alcohol Experiment” was a turning point. The science-based approach empowered Carolin to critically evaluate her relationship with alcohol and make informed choices.
  • A New Perspective on Taste: A key insight was realizing she didn’t enjoy the taste of alcohol; it was the effects she craved. This revelation, facilitated by the program, led to a significant reduction and eventual cessation of drinking.
  • Freedom and Joy of Living Alcohol-Free: Carolin now celebrates the physical and emotional benefits of her alcohol-free life, including better sleep, improved mood, and a stronger connection with her emotions.

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