EP 670: Reader’s Question – How do you stay motivated to be alcohol-free?

EP 670 Transcript

Feeling lost or discouraged on your alcohol-free journey? You’re not alone. In this empowering episode of The Naked Mind podcast, Annie Grace offers support to a Path 365 member facing a dip in motivation. Witness Annie’s transformative coaching firsthand as she tackles the burning question: “How do you stay motivated to be alcohol-free?” Discover how to identify and overcome disempowering thoughts, set achievable goals, and cultivate the mindset for lasting success.

This exclusive coaching session is just a glimpse into the many benefits of Path 365, where personal experiences, scientific insights, and practical tools come together to guide you on your journey. Don’t let setbacks dim your light. Reignite your motivation with The Naked Mind.

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Highlights of How Do You Stay Motivated to Be Alcohol-Free?

Feeling lost after a slip-up? Worried you’ll never discover the secret to stay motivated to be alcohol-free? Listen in as Annie Grace shares:

  • How do you stay motivated to be alcohol-free?: Don’t blame your past behavior. Focus on your present emotions and choose empowering thoughts. Instead of blaming yourself, focus on your current feelings and choose empowering thoughts that align with your goal of being alcohol-free.
  • Set micro-commitments for success: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by grand goals, make smaller, achievable commitments. Small wins can fuel your motivation and empower you to progress further.
  • Reframe setbacks as learning opportunities: View slip-ups as valuable information about your triggers and coping mechanisms. Reframe setbacks as learning experiences
  • The power of your mindset: Your thoughts and beliefs significantly impact your actions and emotions. Choose empowering thoughts to stay motivated.

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