EP 665: Naked Life Story – Marci R.

EP 665 Transcript

Ever feel like alcohol is just part of adulting? Like networking events require wine spritzers and movie nights demand a chilled beer? Marci knows that feeling all too well. Join us as she shares her tumultuous journey on this week’s podcast, revealing how she traded hangovers for self-belief and blackouts for a life she’s excited to live every day. From college binge drinking to masking depression with every clinking glass, Marci unveils the hidden struggles behind seemingly “normal” adult drinking. Discover the “aha” moments that led her to ditch the bottle, the power of self-reflection and community in making not drinking easy, and how breaking free from alcohol-fueled a personal and professional renaissance you won’t want to miss. Tune in for Marci’s inspiring story.

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Highlights of Making Not Drinking Easy

After years of struggling with alcohol, making not drinking easy seemed impossible to Marci. But it wasn’t! Highlights of her story include:

  • From Childhood Sips to Sneaky Swigs: Marci’s journey with alcohol began innocently, with diluted homemade wine in her grandfather’s kitchen. But these light pink sips planted a seed that would later blossom into a teenage rebellion fueled by stolen liquor cabinet treasures.
  • College Blackout Blues: At the heart of a vibrant Greek university, Marci’s straight-A grades masked a covert struggle. She traded study sessions for binge-drinking nights, trading blackouts for missed opportunities, all under the hazy glow of college party culture.
  • Down Under and Drowning Sorrows: Depression’s grip tightened in the land of sunshine and heavy pours. Marci sought refuge in alcohol’s embrace, numbing the pain of grief with every clinking glass. This self-medication became a dangerous crutch, a coping mechanism that shadowed her Australian adventure.
  • “Adulthood” Under the Influence: As years rolled by, social drinking morphed into the invisible thread weaving through every occasion. Networking dinners, movie nights, even casual catch-ups – alcohol became the lubricant for every social interaction, the unspoken rulebook for navigating the adult world.
  • Making Not Drinking Easy: Dry January became a turning point. With books and support in hand, Marci embarked on a path that led her away from the bottle, including joining The PATH by This Naked Mind. The cravings faded, replaced by a newfound clarity and a life blossoming with possibilities.
  • Beyond the Buzz: A Life Reclaimed: From career ambitions realized to self-belief discovered, Marci’s journey shows how beautiful it is to live a life you have no desire to escape from. She proves that trading hangovers for self-efficacy, and empty glasses for a fulfilling future is possible.

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