EP 662: Reader’s Question – What Are Some Tips to Curb Alcohol Cravings?

EP 662 Transcript

It’s that time again! Once again, we’re opening the doors to The PATH 365, offering you a privileged glimpse into the world of its members. Every month, Annie Grace connects with Path 365 members, addressing their questions and concerns on the path to living alcohol-free. Today, Annie tackles a question that plagues us all during the early stages of our alcohol-free journey – ‘What are some tips to curb alcohol cravings?’ If you’ve ever grappled with cravings, especially around days four to eight, you’re in for a treat as Annie shares her wisdom and guidance, along with science-backed tips on overcoming this challenge.

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Highlights of What Are Some Tips to Curb Alcohol Cravings?

Ever wished for a magic wand that could make this alcohol-free journey easier? Sadly, we can’t bring you that but Annie Grace’s expertise and tips to curb alcohol cravings are pretty magical and life-changing. She shares tips on:

  • Riding the Crave Wave: Annie recommends leaning into the craving, not avoiding it. A habit formation study suggests that facing the discomfort directly can actually weaken its grip. 
  • Time Out for Cravings: Instead of reacting impulsively, create space between craving and action. Set a timer and allow yourself to feel the desire without acting on it. This simple shift can break the automatic association between craving and drinking.
  • Breaking the False Connection: Cravings feel overwhelming because we build them up in our minds. By intentionally facing them and proving they don’t lead to disaster, you weaken their hold. This doesn’t mean drink if you crave, but rather challenge your fear-based association.

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