EP 637: Naked Life Story – Annie Grace’s Husband (Part 1)

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Welcome to a special two-part episode of the This Naked Mind podcast. Today we hear how Brian, Annie Grace’s husband, accidentally stopped drinking with This Naked Mind. In part one, we delve into his unique journey with alcohol, discussing how he wasn’t much of a drinker until a move to New York City changed everything, how alcohol became a significant part of Annie and Brian’s marriage, and the role a demanding career and parenting played in his relationship with alcohol.

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Highlights of How Annie Grace’s Husband Accidentally Stopped Drinking

Brian, Annie Grace’s husband, accidentally stopped drinking after reading This Naked Mind. In this episode he shares what led to his drinking escalating including how: 

  • Alcohol was Insignificant: Brian didn’t have much exposure to alcohol in his early life, and it wasn’t a significant part of his family life growing up.
  • Low Alcohol Consumption in College: Brian didn’t engage in heavy drinking in college. He occasionally had a few drinks but didn’t make it a daily habit.
  • Unpleasant Experiences: Brian’s early experiences with alcohol in college were far from enjoyable. He recalled feeling sick and guilty after getting drunk on one occasion, which turned him off from drinking.
  • Influence of New York City: After moving to New York City for work, the drinking culture there had a significant influence on Brian’s alcohol consumption, leading to more regular drinking.
  • Escalation After Marriage: The drinking habits of both Annie and Brian escalated after they got married, with frequent drinking together becoming a common occurrence.
  • A Challenging Period: A demanding work schedule, postpartum depression, and the pressures of parenting led to a difficult period in their lives. Brian eventually decided to quit his job and make significant life changes to address the challenges they were facing.

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There’s more next week on how Brian, Annie Grace’s husband, accidentally stopped drinking.

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