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Toni wasn’t much of a drinker in her teens or twenties. In fact, it took a major lifestyle change – a divorce, shared custody, dating, and a career change – to change how she drank. Toni tried AA, Intensive Outpatient Rehab, moderation and so much more to control her drinking but never felt connected – until she discovered This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment. Annie Grace and Toni discuss how daily drinking becomes normal, the irony of people being more interested in living caffeine free rather than alcohol free, along with the rewards found in helping other people change their relationships with alcohol.


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Highlights of How Daily Drinking Becomes Normal

Have you ever wondered how daily drinking becomes normal for someone like Toni who never drank much before. Toni shares:

  • The early signs that drinking wasn’t going to be the answer for her
  • Why drinking wasn’t part of daily life for a long time
  • The ways divorce, part-time parenting and a new career triggered Toni’s drinking
  • How daily drinking becomes normal over time
  • The ways she questioned and justified her drinking
  • The event that led to a night in jail and an answer to whether alcohol was a problem
  • Committing herself to AA, rehab, and a lifestyle change only to feel out of place and disconnected
  • How years of moderation and a girls trip led her to This Naked Mind
  • What life has been life alcohol and caffeine free
  • The most rewarding part of the journey

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There’s so much more about how daily drinking becomes normal, the struggles and triggers that can influence our drinking, and the benefits of finding freedom from alcohol in the complete podcast! Check it out!

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