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Becoming a better version of me – that’s how Halima describes her journey finding freedom from alcohol. And what a journey it has been! From world travels, living abroad, losing loved ones and a business, moving back to the US, and falling in love, Halima has seen the highs and lows of life. And it seemed that alcohol was always a part of those. Annie and Halima discuss the challenges of living and drinking abroad, the freedom found in boundaries, the importance of connection, and the work involved in becoming a better version of yourself.


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Highlights of Becoming a Better Version of Me

Halima has had an arduous journey but for her, it all led to becoming a better version of me. She shares –

  • What prompted her to pick up and move to Dubai
  • The lengths and dangers she would go to for alcohol while living in Dubai
  • How she used alcohol to get through and avoid emotions
  • Coming back to the US, finding love, and needing to lose alcohol
  • Why she says she’s now a better version of me
  • All the things she thought her drinking allowed her to do and the things it kept her from doing
  • The freedom she’s finding in boundaries

There’s More

There’s so much more about becoming a better version of yourself and finding freedom from alcohol!

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