EP 556: Reader Question – Does Hallucinogenic Medicine Help With Addiction?

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Our first year alcohol-free is full of so many challenges and adjustments. Most of us look for ways to make it easier. One method that gets so much attention is using medications or other drugs – prescription drugs, marijuana, and as one reader pointed out psychedelic drugs. Should we use psychedelic drugs to treat addiction? Annie Grace explores this topic – where the idea originated from, why it might appeal to some people, how hallucinogens affect us, and so much more! 

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Highlights of Should We Use Psychedelic Drugs To Treat Addiction?

Using psychedelic drugs to treat addiction is becoming a hot topic. Annie Grace dives into it here. Learn –

  • Where the idea of using hallucinogenic drugs to treat addiction came from
  • The ties that this modality has to Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Annie’s thoughts on if we should use psychedelic drugs to treat addiction
  • What happens in the brain when we use hallucinogenic drugs and the appeal to the addicted brain
  • Why there is still so much more research needed on this topic

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Tune into this podcast to hear more of Annie Grace’s thoughts on whether we should use psychedelic drugs to treat addiction.

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