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Maxi has packed a lot of living and experiences into his 28 years – including the experience of going alcohol-free. Join Annie and Maxi as they discuss his experiences traveling the world, working in the music industry, and why his drinking increased during the pandemic amid the strict Australian lockdown. Also hear from Maxi about alcohol use and bulimia in men. This subject often gets overlooked but is more prevalent than we imagine!


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Highlights of Alcohol Use and Bulimia in Men with Maxi Roberts

Tune into the podcast to hear more from Annie Grace and Maxi Roberts about

  • Maxi’s early drinking and how alcohol is always there when you’re part of the music scene
  • Why Maxi doesn’t hate alcohol and is thankful for the experiences he had
  • How the desire to escape led Maxi all over Europe (and why Paris is problematic)
  • Lockdown drinking, being sent back to Australia, and developing health issues
  • The lack of help in treating bulimia in men
  • Finding freedom from alcohol through the This Naked Mind Podcast
  • The hardest part of living alcohol-free

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There’s so much to learn about bulimia in men, living alcohol-free, and more! Make sure to listen to the complete podcast!

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