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Being a first responder can bring on a huge emotional toll. It can feel lonely being a public servant while struggling to control alcohol and feeling emotions of guilt and shame all at once. Find out the role trauma and alcohol played in Kat’s life to cope with the emotional difficulties of her job and how she has been able to find freedom from alcohol and still do the job she loves.

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Highlights of trauma and alcohol – Kat’s story:

There are great ways of dealing with PTSD but there are some bad ways too. Listen to Kat share how she went from self-medicating with gin to finding freedom from alcohol and learning how to take care of her mental health in the process.

  • Kat shares her experience of using alcohol to help her navigate her difficulty talking in social situations about things unrelated to forensic anthropology.
  • Kat shares how her doctor’s suggestion of joining AA was out of the question. She was a public servant and didn’t think she could be anonymous. 
  • While Kat was struggling with her mental health and turning to alcohol, her doctor recommended finding a different job. But that felt wrong to her because this is what she loves to do.
  • Kat remembers the day she bought This Naked Mind in Barns and Noble. She wrapped the book in a grocery bag so that no one would know or see what she was reading.
  • Annie Grace and Kat share how their drinking was affecting their relationships with their children.
  • Kat shares how alcohol played a role in her life during the pandemic.

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Listen to the entire podcast episode to hear about how The Alcohol Experiment changed everything for Kat’s journey to finding freedom from alcohol.

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