EP 520: Reader Question – What is a data point?

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In this episode, Annie Grace challenges us to examine the word “relapse” and instead consider the idea of data points and drinking.

Annie clarifies that the path to where you want to be is NOT a straight line. And it’s NOT about how often you “relapse” but instead about something much more insightful. Listen to this episode to start shifting your mindset to learn from your mistakes today.


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Highlights of data points and drinking with Annie Grace

  • Listen to Annie share her belief around the word “relapse” and the shame and blame associated with this icky word.
  • Is the path to living an alcohol-free life a straight line? Annie shares what this path looks like for her.
  • Hear what Annie Grace has to say about making the wrong moves and what kind of impact that has on the path to an alcohol-free life.

There’s More!

Listen to the entire podcast episode to hear about how Annie Grace encourages people to gain momentum in their alcohol-free journey.

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