EP 518: Reader Question – How can I gain momentum in becoming alcohol free?

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You know what kills momentum? Telling yourself that you have messed up, and that any progress you’ve made doesn’t count. In this reader question, Annie Grace, encourages us to celebrate each success instead of wondering if all sober time counts. Tune in to find out the best ways to build on success along your alcohol-free journey.

The PATH: Freedom Accelerated

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The PATH: Freedom Accelerated provides a guided, almost hypnotic, sequence of content that speaks not only to your conscious mind but also to your subconscious – actually changing your desire for a drink. Plus, you will receive daily accountability and support from our coaches and our community. If you feel like you have lost control of your drinking, there is a solution – One that’s easier than you might think, and doesn’t involve rules, missing out, or deprivation. I would love for you to join us. Go to NakedMindPath.com to learn more.

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Highlights of Celebrate each success with This Naked Mind

What counts as a win when it comes to getting to where we really want to be?

  • Listen to Annie Grace talk celebrating wins.
  • Does every decision you make count? Find out what Annie has to say about this.
  • Annie shares how she feels about relapsing and our mindset around this.
  • Find out what the percentages system success rate is that Annie uses at This Naked Mind.

There’s More!

Listen to the entire podcast episode to hear about how Annie Grace encourages people to gain momentum in their alcohol-free journey.

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