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Christie began soothing herself with alcohol after a significant loss in her life. She simply wanted to “stop feeling the pain.”

Though she always drank less than everyone else she knew, an inner voice was telling her that she was meant for more.

Check out how The Alcohol Experiment gave her the tools she needed to face her emotions head-on without the crutch of alcohol.

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Highlights of Soothing Herself with Alcohol- Christie’s Story

Christie’s journey with alcohol started out as a bonding mechanism with a close friend. Check out the highlights of her story:

  • Christie began drinking at the age of 15 with a close friend – They bonded and felt rebellious
  • Drinking turned into a social outlet in her 20’s at clubs and bars
  • After experiencing a miscarriage, alcohol became a way of soothing the emotions she wished to escape
  • When she started her family, she experienced postpartum depression and again turned to alcohol for relief
  • She dreaded waking up at 3am and the anxiety and sickness she would feel
  • Her decision to try to quit came after a spiritual experience of an inner voice telling her she was meant for more
  • The tools provided in The Alcohol Experiment helped Chrisite escape the cognitive dissonance she was stuck in
  • Now she centers herself inward everytime she struggles with an emotion instead of reaching for an outside substance

There’s More

Listen to the entire podcast to hear Christie discuss what it’s like to be AF while her husband continues to drink.

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