EP 508: Reader Question – How do I go back to normal life after The Alcohol Experiment?

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Entering “the wild” after the immersive and supportive environment of The Alcohol Experiment can be SUPER intimidating! 

Find out which two tools Annie recommends you keep in-hand as you step into the world again. These things will help calm your nerves and apprehension and empower you to navigate any tricky scenario you might find yourself facing.

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Highlights of Life After The Alcohol Experiment

Surprise yourself with preparedness by keeping these tools in-hand as you re-enter the real world post-Alcohol Experiment:

  • Approach every scenario with curiosity and self-compassion. Instead of allowing your mind to immediately conclude that “This is going to suck”
  • If you enter each situation with questions about if it could be enjoyable – you allow it to be what it truly is without prior judgment/assumptions
  • Lean into any cravings or triggers you might experience and try to unpack each feeling – What beliefs/desires might still exist?
  • When you combine your new knowledge with a curiosity for your feelings/triggers – you’ll be able to make informed decisions for moving forward in your “new life”

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